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If you live in the West Allegheny, Montour, Moon Area or Cornell School Districts - and have not opted out of commercial mailings - you should be receiving a magazine in the mail from us. If you live in the West Allegheny School District, you should be receiving a magazine on the even months. If you live in the Moon Area or Montour School Districts, you should be receiving a magazine on the odd months. Our Cornell edition mails quartlerly.

If you feel you did not receive a magazine when it went out, please fill out the form below and we will look into it.

Months Editions Published Special Sections Deadlines
January Moon Edition | Montour Edition Dec. 15
February West Allegheny | Cornell Jan. 15
March Moon Edition | Montour Edition Feb. 15
April West Allegheny March 15
May Moon Edition | Montour Edition Summer Fun Guide April 15
June West Allegheny | Cornell Summer Fun Guide May 15
July Moon Edition | Montour Edition June 15
August West Allegheny | Cornell Back to School July 15
September Moon Edition | Montour Edition Back to School Aug. 15
October West Allegheny Sept. 15
November Moon Edition | Montour Edition Holiday Guide Oct. 15
December West Allegheny | Cornell Holiday Guide Nov. 4